Support causes that are most meaningful to you!

Promote renewable energies, preserve biodiversity, or support peace projects—the choice is yours! Our five special funds offer you the opportunity to support an issue that is particularly important to you. For example, you can dedicate your endowment gift to marine conservation or to mitigating climate change. The general endowment fund is another fund that is also very important for our work. Each special fund is marked with a different color to make it easier to identify them.

General endowment fund

Unrestricted endowment income is used for general purposes. These assets may be spent at the discretion of Umweltstiftung Greenpeace and are crucial to our work. For example, we use them to finance our annual newsletter, fund management, and peace work.

Forest and habitat protection fund

Forests are indispensable in the fight against climate change; they are also home to most of our planet’s animal, plant, and fungal species. The last remaining intact forest landscapes must not be sacrificed for financial profits. This fund fosters local ecosystem protection programs and promotes solutions for better forest protection and healthy forest development in Germany and worldwide.

Ocean protection fund

Earth is a blue planet: the global ocean, a vast interconnected body of water, covers around 70 percent of Earth’s surface. We can thank the ocean for every second breath we take. It is the lungs of the planet and its largest carbon sink—our greatest ally against climate change. We use this fund to promote campaigns to create marine protected areas (MPAs), conduct scientific research, and support projects focused on marine life conservation.

Biodiversity and animal welfare fund

Biodiversity is the life-support system of our planet. The issue of biodiversity has been very important to Umweltstiftung Greenpeace from the very beginning. This fund is dedicated to the protection of individual plant and animal species.

Climate and environmental technologies fund

Mitigating climate change has become a matter of survival. There are many things we can do to protect the climate—as demonstrated by the wide range of projects supported by this fund. Most focus on practical, hands-on solutions that directly benefit people and the environment.